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Here's how much money you can earn


Earnings per 1000 views
Group A $8.00
Group B $5.00
Group C $1.00
Group D $0.01


For example, if you upload 300 videos/images you will earn:

300 images x 10 visits per day are: 3000 views!

3000 Views for $5 = $15 per day!

Which are $450 per month!!!

How It Works

  1. Register here

  2. Go to Videos and select the video to be shared on Whatsapp or Facebook.

  3. Click on the button and share the message with your friends.

  4. Share the link with the most people possible. Every time your image will be displayed you will earn!!

    We suggest to share your videos or images through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Torrent sites.

    More views More earnings!

  5. Login and click on $ symbol to see statistics and earnings. You'll see that for every view you will get more and more money.

Our rates are among the highest: each REAL view is paid according to what is stated in the table above. Upon reaching the minimum threshold of $10 you can request payment. Payment will be done through Paypal.

How can you earn with

Here are some simple examples that can help you understand:

  1. Share videos and images on Whatsapp / Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter and other social or blog.

    You can share the video/image in your pages or more simply in your dashboard.

    For example: Check out this video: [link of the video].

  2. Share videos and pictures on forums or on adult websites.

    Follow these simple steps:

    • Upload an adult video or image on

    • Put the link to this video/image on a forum and/or on your website.

  3. Make money sharing videos and images on torrent or streaming sites.

    If you are an uploader of torrent, music, movies, books and so on then you can easily earn through

    Follow these steps to make money sharing images on a torrent site:

    • Upload a torrent on thepiratebay, kickass, extratorrent and all other file sharing sites you know.

    • Upload some videos/images on of the game, movie or adult movies.

    • In the description of the torrent just put the link of the videos/images uploaded on, example: click here to see the images of the movie.

    Each time a user will see your video or image you will make money!!

    Some uploaders are earning more than $100 per day!

    More videos/images and more money!